Social media & the hospitality industry

My take on social media in the hospitality industry

Since starting at Melrose Café and bar almost 7 years ago as a hostess I’ve been lucky to have witnessed many business focus and culture shifts. I started when the Flames were in the running for the Stanley Cup, and the Red Mile came alive. I remember sitting on the ledge of the patio watching the parade of people swarm into the streets of 17th Ave. People were full of energy, excitement and pride for our beloved Flames.

Like anything, the good fortune of our team couldn’t last forever and slowly Melrose had to start shifting their focus away from relying on the Flames for business and into other ventures.

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Pro Hockey Experience

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Pro Hockey Experience.

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EuroCup 2012

Showing all games with sound. Doors open at 10AM daily June 8 – July 1